Cuz 411

Cuz 411

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Welcome to our little patch of internet dirt where we go behind the scenes with Mossy Oak’s Cuz Strickland。 He’s got how-tos, tips, tricks & the latest 411。 We’re sharing hunting camp 365!

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Cuz 411
  • Mossy Oak Starcraft Walkthroughs

    Episode 1

    I'm in Indiana with some of the Starcraft crew and we're doing WALKTHROUGHS of the Mossy Oak RV units! You've gotta see this! Home is where the hunt is.

  • Ground & Pound • Our Preseason Routine

    Episode 2

    We've got three more weeks until our bow season opens and we can't WAIT! The food plots are planted, the blinds are in place and Cranky already has a hit list. Come hang out with us!

  • Wisconsin Vlog Touring Gander Outdoors

    Episode 3

    We're in Kenosha, Wisconsin touring the all-new GANDER OUTDOORS. It's a big-city, sporting goods store with small-town service. I can't wait for y'all to check this out.

  • Picking Up the Mossy Oak Starcraft RV

    Episode 4

    We're at Aberdeen RV & Cranky is helping me pick up our Mossy Oak Starcraft camper. This is our first RV and we're pumped!

  • The Lunar Booner • My Deer Story 1981

    Episode 5

    Back in 1981, there weren’t a lot of 200-inch bucks hitting the ground。 It was about the poundage。 Lucked out on this biggun and won a few prizes to boot。 Still shake my head - a 27-point deer。 I was 27 years old。 It was November 27。 Stars aligned I guess。

  • Road Trip to the John Boy & Billy Big Show

    Episode 6

    Come road trip with me to Charlotte, North Carolina。 We're going on The Big Show with John Boy and Billy。 He got his turkey grand slam, so up next, I’m inviting him on an archery hunt。 Y’all stay tuned! Thank you for watching。

  • The Scoop on My Coop

    Episode 7

    I get asked about 3 things no matter where I travel - the tube call, Cranky and my chickens. Here is the full blown chicken video aka the scoop on my coop. Not hunting related but Cranky says y’all will enjoy it.

  • The Camo Lambo and My Dream RV

    Episode 8

    We're at Terry Town RV and I think I've found my dream RV! Come check it out and watch me squeeze into a Mossy Oak Lamborghini! Spoier alert: I got in and out without calling the fire department for the jaws of life。 Great day at Terry Town RV showing off the Mossy Oak Starcraft RVs。

  • Mossy Oak Properties Fox Hole Shootout

    Episode 9

    Well, it’s a wrap! The Mossy Oak Properties fundraiser for St。 Jude Children's Research Hospital, Catch-A-Dream and SOLE America was humbling。 The volunteers, sponsors and participants that made that happen are the heart of America。

  • The Turkey Summit

    Episode 10

    The gang is all here! Toxey and I are sharing camp with Becky Humphries (CEO/NWTF), Gov。 Phil Bryant (MS) and Gov。 Pete Ricketts (NB)。。 it's our unofficial "Turkey Summit。" And we're at the ROOST in Nebraska。

  • Pond Management

    Episode 11

    After unexplained low production from our fish pond。。 we've called in the EXPERT for an analysis。 Join as we test the water and shock the pond。

  • Welcome to the Brotherhood I

    Episode 12

    HUGE thanks to Big Mike Pritchard! Join me and my good buddies Bubba & Dwight as we road trip to TEXAS to meetup with the guys from Sunny Designs. They're about to enter the brotherhood, y'all.

  • Welcome to the Brotherhood II

    Episode 13

    HUGE thanks to big Mike Pritchard! We're in TEXAS with the guys from Sunny Designs & they're about to enter the brotherhood, y'all。

  • Unveiling the Mossy Oak Starcraft RV

    Episode 14

    We're at Aberdeen RV with our good buddies from Starcraft and the MOSSY OAK RV is hitting the market。 Wow。 You've gotta see this。

  • Chasing Turkeys with Drury and Butski Part I II

    Episode 15

    I'm STILL chasing turkeys in Missouri and Iowa with two absolute turkey hunting LEGENDS, Mark Drury and Paul Butski.

  • Cuz 411 • Tennessee Double with Dale Bentley

    Episode 16

    The NWTF auction hunt turned out to be as good as we all hoped it would be。 My man Dale Bentley waffled his first ever longbeard and followed up with his second one on day two。 Not sure how long he saved to pay what he did for this hunt (all went to NWTF), but I was humbled to be with him for a c。。。

  • Chasing Turkeys with Drury and Butski Part I

    Episode 17

    I'm chasing turkeys in Missouri and Iowa with two absolute turkey hunting LEGENDS, Mark Drury and Paul Butski

  • Cranky Chronicles • On The Road, Part I

    Episode 18

    安徽11选5Man what a trip we had to Illinois Whitetail and Waterfowl. Even the frigid temps didn’t slow down the fun these kids had! Big thanks to Brad House, Kent and Kristie Woodrow. They are very special people.

  • Cranky Chronicles • On The Road, Part II

    Episode 19

    Part 2 of our adventures! Man what a trip we had to Illinois Whitetail and Waterfowl。 Even the frigid temps didn’t slow down the fun these kids had! Big thanks to Brad House, Kent and Kristie Woodrow。 They are very special people。

  • The Streak
    Episode 20

    The Streak

    Episode 20

    I'm back on the road and headed north with my youngest daughter Lauran for Tennessee's opening weekend of turkey season. She's 6 for 6 and hoping for lucky number 7!

  • IMAXCorp Hunt in Florida

    Episode 21

    安徽11选5My new buddies Rex Yoakley and John Rains with IMAXCorp got their Osceolas with me, turkey thug Keith Kelly & Marty the man。 Florida has been good to us once again。 Thanks for watching!

  • Brandon Linder Flash Hunt

    Episode 22

    Well the big guy did it! Brandon Linder, center for the Jacksonville Jaguars, smoked this one just before we left Florida。

  • Warrior
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    Meet Dortrie “Bird” Jones aka WARRIOR. His first turkey hunt ended with a 10” beard 1 3/8 spurs and no flop. This man is so special. Lost his right leg to an IED in Iraq and never slowed down. Give him a like and thank you for watching.

    Big thanks to landowners and turkey thugs Keith Kelly,...

  • Tubetorial
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    Come hang out with me at the tiny shop while I break down the ins & outs of the TUBE CALL. It's my first tutorial, the TUBE-torial.

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