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Hunting the Oklahoma Heat • Moon and Weather Move Aside

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Oklahoma Archery • Bowhunting Big Country Bucks


Up Next in Deer THUGS Season 3

  • Hunting the Oklahoma Heat • Moon and ...

    Bucks move less when the weather is warm and the moon is full, but you can’t kill them sitting in the camp. Join us on a trip to Oklahoma chasing big bucks in the brush.

  • Early Season Bucks of Texas • Fast Ti...

    Big game animals don’t make appointments, and appear whenever they appear, sometimes only a hour into a four-day hunt.

  • Mississippi MegaBucks • Swamp Bottom ...

    Big deer roam the deep Delta islands along the Mississippi River, and the state’s long season makes their pursuit a passion. Join us on the hunt as we chaise monster whitetails in the deep south.

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