Whistling Wings

Whistling Wings

12 Episodes

Successful turkey hunters share patience, persistence and a true joy found only in the outdoors, one meant to be shared with our friends.

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Whistling Wings
  • Geese by the Kilo • 12/20 Canada Goose Shoot

    Episode 1

    The 12/20 Goose Shoot is an annual event in Manitoba, Canada that brings a small town and friends from around the world together for a friendly competition in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway。 Competitors have 20 shells to kill 12 geese。

  • Buckshot Bonanza • Duck Hunting Flooded Rice in Arkansas

    Episode 2

    The guides at Buckshot Duck Lodge treat hunters to the sights of the rites of fall every year and occasionally they get to do a little shooting themselves。 The good times they share and the memories they make on just such an afternoon come together for a great episode of television。

  • The Thrill is Gone • Will “The Thrill” Clark Duck Hunts the Mississippi Delta

    Episode 3

    Major League Baseball legend Will “The Thrill” Clark joins a couple of fellow good ole’ boys for a duck hunt Mississippi Delta style at Greenwood’s Wildlife Inc.

  • Shoulder Cannon Gumbo • Canadian Geese Hunt With Buck Paradise Outfitters

    Episode 4

    Louisiana’s Warren Coco believes that success in the waterfowl field depends a lot on using enough gun and the 10 gauge magnum automatic he sports on this hunt more than fills the bill。 He shares some of his secrets for brewing up some Cajun magic in a duck gumbo between flights of some of the bi。。。

  • A Very Good Morning • Arkansas Timber Duck Hunt

    Episode 5

    Follow a couple of well known duck hunters in the Arkansas timber as they set their sight on whistling wings from a boat blind.

  • Goose Grease • Saskatchewan Ducks and Geese in Dry Fields

    Episode 6

    Hunting ducks and geese in dry fields in Saskatchewan with Buck Paradise Outfitters.

  • Night and Day • Arkansas and Texas Timber Duck Hunts

    Episode 7

    Tom Matthews of Avery Outdoors hunts oxbox ducks along the Mississippi River. Then, Mossy Oak's Lannie Wallace and others demonstrate the art and science of concealment in standing timber as they hunt ducks in Texas.

  • Initiation Fee • Introducing New Duck Hunters

    Episode 8

    New hunters are introduced to duck hunting for their first time。 This duck hunt takes place in Stuttgart, Arkansas in flooded rice and soybean fields with Tom Matthews and the Avery Outdoors Crew。

  • Whistling Wings 2006 Out Sourcing

    Episode 9

    安徽11选5Whistling Wings from Mossy Oak brings the excitement of the blind into your living room on a wing shooting show unlike any other。

  • Hide and Peek • Delta Waterfowl Hunts Ducks and Geese in Canada

    Episode 10

    Delta Waterfowl joins Mossy Oak in Canada hunting potholes and dry fields for geese and ducks。

  • Hunting the Wrightway • Saskatchewan Dry Field Geese Hunting

    Episode 11

    安徽11选5Hunting geese in Saskatchewan, Canada with Wrightway Outfitters.

  • Snowdaze • Snow Geese Hunting in Canada, Kentucky and Ohio

    Episode 12

    Great goose hunts in Canada Kentucky and Ohio crossing borders and weather conditions as the feathers and snow fly in this adventure.

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